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Defying the advice of most homegrown dentists, Americans without dental insurance are flocking to border towns of Mexico for crowns, bridges, implants and other work on their teeth. An associate of mine recently paid $560 for such treatments in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico (right across the Rio Grande from El Paso), that would have cost five times as much at home.

To reach El Paso, from which a short walk over the Santa Fe Bridge brings you to Juárez, flights are available for as little as $386 round-trip from as far away as New York (packagers like Site59.com and some airlines often offer such rates). From your hotel in El Paso (and it's more comfortable and safe to stay in El Paso while receiving treatment), it's only minutes to Juárez; a U.S. citizen can quickly move back and forth over the bridge, and some dental clinics will even pick you up from your El Paso hotel and deliver you directly to the dentist.

It's significant that the Web site of the U.S. consulate in Juárez lists three prominent dentists in Juárez for which it either vouches or about whom it has received favorable recommendations. (Web sites of the dentists themselves run copious recommendations from former clients.) I'd keep the consular mention in mind when you review the irate comments on Mexican dentistry from the U.S. dental profession.

One such dire warning is from Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.), himself a former Army dentist and graduate of the Georgetown University School of Dentistry. In September 2005 he painted a lurid picture of dental tourism in a weekly column on his official Web site. He wrote: "Some patients are lucky, and find a qualified dentist who delivers good treatment at a bargain price. Other patients are not so lucky, suffer serious injury from unqualified hacks, and end up hospitalized or worse from infection. Quality in dental care in the border towns is found solely in the luck of the draw."

Obviously, you'll need to be cautious. You'll want to learn beforehand where the Juárez dentist of your choice studied and if he is licensed and certified to practice dentistry. If your Spanish is up to it, you'll want to verify this information with the Mexican Dental Association's Web site (www.adm.org.mx); at the very least, you might even want to contact the Juárez consulate (http://ciudadJuárez.usconsulate.gov) to learn if complaints have been lodged against the dentist in question by other American visitors. You'll then want to tell the dentist what you need fixed, and ask for an estimate before making an appointment.

Among the English-speaking dentists and clinics in Juárez are:

Ruben Escobar Prieto, president, College of Dental Surgeons of Ciudad Juárez, Constitucion 383 Esq. Con Mejia, phone: 011-52-656-612-0259, fax: 011-52-656-614-0767; adm-cdJuáThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Armando Tellez-Giron, Coyoacan 3032, between Pronaf Circuit and Av. de las Americas, phone Juárez: 011-52-656-616-4646, phone El Paso: 915-726-6666; www.artofcosmeticdentistry.com.

• Jorge Ramos Burgos, Av Malecon 200, phone 011-52-656-612-5661, fax: 011-52-656-612-5714

• Washington Dental Clinic, Ave. Lerdo 746, 1-800-538-6492, 1-800-813-7862

• MedWest Dental, Juan de la Barrera 500, 011-52-656-613-5330, www.medwestdental.com

Americana Dental Center, Internacional 790, 915-449-3959 or 800-925-2966, www.americanadentalcenter.com.

• Rio Dental, Lopez Mateos 1925, 800-635-RIO-2, www.RioDental.com (it has a particularly interesting Web site displaying photos and bios of the dentists and other personnel who will treat you).